Barents IAS website published! 

For the moment the website can be read in English and Finnish but by summer it can be read also in Swedish, Norwegian and North Saami. Through competitive tendering we have chosen also two project partners to work with invasive plants. Our new partners are WWF and the Rural Women’s Advisory Organization!

The Barents IAS (Invasive Alien Species) website is now published, and our project will be more and more visible! The web page and the project logo is done by Mak Media. For the moment the website can be read in English and Finnish. To encourage as many citizens as possible to read our web page, it will soon come out in Swedish and Norwegian. At latest in the beginning of the summer it will also be published in North Saami, which we are super excited about!

Our project works to prevent invasive alien plants from spreading even more wider. Lupines and hogweeds are the target species of the project. WWF and the Rural Women’s Advisory Organization were chosen as partners in our project and to carry out the work with invasive alien plants. Both organizations have experience in long-term working with invasive plants. Here in Luke we are confident that all materials, trainings and webinars created in these organizations will be inspiring, interesting, and full of useful information. 

Kaskas Media will coordinate the communications 

In Barents IAS project there is now a pink salmon team and two operators working with invasive plants. All three work in Finland, Sweden and Norway with local operators or communicate actively to the citizens. To clarify our activity and communications we chose Kaskas Media to be our partner and help us managing the whole project. Kaskas Media will be a very important but a relatively invisible part of the project. 

All material produced will be published on our website. Follow us on Twitter (@Barents_IAS) where we will inform about all new things! Luke has also a Twitter (@Vieraslajit) and Facebook (Vieraslajit) account for invasive alien species, where more general information regarding invasive alien species is posted (mostly in Finnish). Especially now, towards summer, the discussion about invasive species becomes livelier! 

See our new webpage: https://barents-ias.info/

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