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Barents IAS Forum

1st webinar on Wed 11th October 2023

Value from Content

2nd webinar on Tue 28th November 2023

BEAUTY – BUT A BEAST: practical tools for municipalities and NGOs to prevent the impacts of invasive alien plants

IAS Forum seminar 26.-27.6. Rovaniemi

Presentations from 26.6. (Ella Ahti, Luke; Johanna Niemivuo-Lahti, Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry Finland; Marjaana Hassani, Rural Women’s Advisory Organization; Sveinung Bertnes Råheim, Bodø Municipality; Johanna Engström, Skellefteå Municipality; Claes Dahlgren, Trafikverket; Ursula Karjalainen, Keep Lapland Tidy; Klemetti Näkkäläjärvi, Sámi Climate Council; Markus Seppälä, ELY-centre for South Osthrobotnia

Susanna Koivujärvi, Finnish Transport Infrastructre Agency: Automatic image recognition and invasive alien plants

Kimmo Kärki, EWK Finland: Introduction to Eco Weedkiller in IAS management

Stian Forland, Soilsteam: Introduction to Soilsteam

Jan Gustavsson & Simon Andersson, Bioservices: Introduction to Bioservices’ solutions

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