Become an IAS hero: take part in Impi’s Day campaign on 11 June

The associations of Rural Women’s Advisory Organization (Maa- ja Kotitalousnaiset) all over Finland are taking actions against invasive alien plants on Impi’s name day on 11 June 2024. We challenge associations and citizens from Finland, Sweden and Norway to join us.

Invasive alien species (IAS) such as lupines, giant hogweeds and Himalayan balsam are major threats to biodiversity. They are taking space from our traditional meadow plants and the organisms that depend on them. Invasive alien plants can also harm food security and even human health.

Finnish Rural Women have a long tradition of voluntary work, also within the fight against invasive alien plants. This year, Rural Women’s associations are working to manage invasive alien plants, especially on Impi’s Day on 11 June, which is the organization’s traditional campaign day.

The success in the fight against IAS increase when there is a long-term approach and when authorities, municipalities, citizens, associations and organisations work together. It is also a great way to promote community spirit. So: Rural Women’s Advisory Organization challenge other associations and citizens from Finland, Sweden and Norway to join in the fight against invasive alien species!

Himalayan balsam eradication. Photo: Sinikka Jokela

Proactive work pays off

The key to tackling invasive alien plants is to detect their presence as early as possible and start management before they have time to spread over a wide area.

If there are no invasive alien plants to eradicate in your local area on 11 June, you can hold an information session to teach how to identify invasive alien plants and to explain the importance of management and how to tackle IAS. The actual eradication can be organised later in the summer when there is something to be eradicated.

Report activities and take part in the prize draw for a glove pack

All participants in the Impi’s Day campaign are invited to report their activities to provide information on the extent to which invasive alien plants have been managed. Respondents can enter prize draw to win five glove packs, each containing five pairs of Barents IAS gardening gloves.

Please report your IAS management by 15 August via the Webropol form: https://link.webropolsurveys.com/S/7D2D43DF9BD9EAE1

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